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Nick Diaz Quotes: Top 10 Funniest & Brilliant Quotes

Best Nick Diaz Quotes

Over the past number of years, many MMA fans have been spectators to the evolution of Nick Diaz. For as far back as I can remember, people either loved Nick or hated the very sight of the man. For hardcore fans of the Diaz brothers, Nick has always been the one who set the tone, spoken his mind and always called it as he saw it. So what we want to do is take a look at some of the best Nick Diaz quotes out there, which have made him such an enigma in the sport.

Although having been somewhat recently eclipsed by his younger brother Nate Diaz. In some way due to Nick’s own relative inactivity in the sport. He will always be seen as the fighter from whom we expect that infamous no holds barred one-liners.┬áHere is the former UFC, Pride, Dream veteran and former Strikeforce welterweight champion at his very best. With a mix of pre and post-fight nuggets. As well as his own thoughts on the USADA penalties he incurred for smoking marijuana.

Nick Diaz One-Liners

We get to hear from Nick in a wide range of scenarios and situations. From him inside the cage commenting on his opponents punching power. To his life in Stockton California and the difference between living in the hood and the nice part of town. His comical comebacks when asked what seem like a pretty innocuous question. To his post-USADA interview where he said that;

All you motherf***ers are on steroids.

As well as his now-infamous post-fight interaction with Strikeforce opponent KJ Noons. Where the famous one-liner “Don’t be scared Homie” originated. His callout of the then reigning welterweight king Georges St Pierre. Or even his smack-down of well known MMA journalist Ariel Helwani. When he informed him that where he is from, people like him who instigate fights get slapped.

This ladies and gentlemen is the Nick Diaz his fans know and love. And for those who ain’t on that train. Grab a ticket, sit your ass down and enjoy.

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