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UFC, MMA Fighting & Combat Sports Lifestyle

Nick Diaz Speed Bag Extended Workout in Full

Nick Diaz Hitting The SpeedBag Extended

Some footage of Nick Diaz working out on a speed bag. If you have ever hit a speed bag for any length of time you realise how much it takes out of your arms. So you can see by this footage how well conditioned Nicks arms and upper body really is. No wonder he doesn’t gas during his fights, which can also be attributed to his extensive training for triathlons outside of mixed martial arts competition.

One of Nick’s strongest traits has always been his ability to push the pace in his fights. Even if he is in against a fighter who may be superior in one area. His ability to push such a high pace eventually leads to his opponent fading. It takes years of training and dedication to reach this level in sports.

And luckily for Nick, he’s not one of those fighters who like to sit on his backside between fights and get fat. For him, his idea of a fun weekend is hitting the trails or cycling a couple of hundred kilometres, just to open up the lungs. It’s no wonder he has maintained his position as one of the most feared fighters in the sport.

Nicks Brother Nate vs McGregor

We hope to see Nick Diaz back doing what he does best soon. Seems like a lifetime ago when he fought Anderson Silva in one of the strangest, yet fun fights to ever take place inside a cage. His brother Nate has been flying the flag in his absence. Between two super fights against Conor McGregor. So we hope Nick can get it together to make his long-awaited return soon.

So for all you guys and gals on the ladder. Take a look at how a modern-day legend of the sport does it. Keep up the hard work and who knows where it may lead you in the years to come.

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