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Nick Diaz | LOVE & HATE in The 209

Love Or Hate Nick Diaz

“You’ve got to love it so much that you hate it…” Nick Diaz, a true enigma in the sport of mixed martial arts. The man from Stockton California has always had an on-off relationship with the fight game and quite frankly people, but why is that? Well, in his own words,

“I’m the only one who is invested in a fight life. That’s why none of these guys can ever say anything. They’re too worried about their families and their wives, and the people around them, what they will think. so they’re too scared to speak up. That’s why I invested everything in my fight life. That’s why I come off the way I do and I always have.”

Nick is a person many love and may also hate, without knowing why. His personality and his presence both in and outside the cage have created somewhat of a urban legend around the UFC welterweight fighter. With very few personalities being able to step away from the sport and still garner the public’s attention.

Nick Diaz brings with him a wealth of experience and attitude to eveyrthing he does in the sport. Unwilling to toe the UFC line, he has often clashed with the promotion and it’s presdient Dana White. Never one to shy away from saying what he truly believes, Diaz has firmly established himself as a true fighter and character in the sport.

With his on off relationship with fighting and fans, we wait with baited breath to see what comes next in his rollercoaster ride of a life journey. And while his brother Nate may have stolen some of the at very same shine. Hardcore fans will always have place in their heart for Stockton’s finest. Let us take a closer look at the man himself, who some people hate. Whilst other simply cannot get enough.

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