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Nick Diaz Stockton 209 Life Story Documentary

The Nick Diaz Life Story

In the build-up to UFC 183, we take a look at the Nick Diaz Life Story documentary. Which gives us an in-depth unparalleled insight into the life and times of the infamous fighter from Stockton 209, California. We get to hear from friends, family, teachers and tutors as he brings us back in time to his youth. The problems he endured throughout his early years, how he was shut out by his peers. And how fighting became his only escape.

Nick himself talks openly and honestly about what made him into the type of person he is today. And why he was driven to become a mixed martial artist. What he does and how he does it is not an act for the cameras, this is the real Nick Diaz. Somewhat of a loner, someone who is very misunderstood by most people, especially fight fans.

With far more to Diaz than merely him being an MMA fighter. We get some definitive insight into his personality from those closest to him. And how interesting to hear that Nick is the same person he was all those years ago. Just a little kid from the 209 that most may never get, but still one of the very best in the world.

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