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Nick Diaz Explains Boxing For MMA

Nick Diaz Explaining Boxing For MMA

An enigma in MMA, Nick Diaz recently join Chael Sonnen on his podcast show. And broke down his own views on boxing for mixed martial arts. He talks about the boxing level in MMA & how to get better and Nick should know. It is one of the skills that has separated him from most others throughout his career. As time and time again, Nick has shown how good boxing, partnered with great cardio wins fights.

He has built his entire career on being able to stand his ground and make MMA fighters pay. As while most MMA fighters focus much of their time on grappling and kickboxing. Nick along with his brother Nate tend to focus their energies on boxing coupled with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Already a blackbelt, Nicks confidence in his own ground game means that he does not fear taking things to the mat.

The Puzzle That Is Nick Diaz

So for these reasons he is indeed a very hard puzzle to crack. Consistently outboxing opponents on the feet, they know if they go to the ground they are also most likely in a lot of trouble. A Nicks punches in bunches and insane cardio have become synonymous with the Stockton California native. Stopping many of his opponents with pure grit, determination and hands which most mixed martial artists cannot deal with.

It’s been his calling card throughout his career from Strikeforce and Pride Fighting Championships. Right through to competing for the UFC welterweight title against Georges St Pierre. He speaks from a place of knowledge having seen and been involved with some of the sports most iconic fights.¬†Essential listening for anyone who is a Diaz fan or looking to improve their boxing inside the cage. So next chance you get, in case you haven’t already, watch some Diaz fights to get a better understanding of what we are talking about.

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