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Nick Diaz Bare Knuckle MMA Fight Very Rare

Nick Diaz Bare Knuckle Fighting

Some very rare and old footage of Nick Diaz in a bare-knuckle Vale Tudo match from some years ago. It’s unclear where the fight was held or whom he was fighting. But the footage is genuine and shows a side of Diaz not too many would be familiar with. Anderson Silva and the Brazilian fighters were not the only ones competing under these rules.

In this video, we can see Diaz against an unnamed opponent somewhere in a hall or gymnasium. In a fight that includes all the elements of an open street fight, apart from the gouging or striking to the groin area we presume. But what we do get to see here is the evolving skills of Nick Diaz who has an already improving ground game.

The Fight Is Almost Over

At one point we get to see Nick as he utilises his ground game, trying to sink in an armbar on his opponent. He suffers some shots from the top after his opponent mounts him and manages to get off some strikes. It’s a back and forth good fight as both men a pretty evenly balanced in their skillsets.

But it’s in the later rounds that Diaz finally begins to exert his will on his opponent. As the fight wears on the opponent repeatedly goes for a series of double leg takedowns. It’s then that Diaz manages to reverse a takedown and sink in a choke from the top in an almost schoolyard style bull choke.

With no way out his opponent taps out and Nick Diaz in awarded the victory to rapturous applause from the Diaz fans in attendance. It was a fascinating look at the early years in the life of a fighter who has since gone on to be one of the biggest enigmas in the sport of mixed martial arts.

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