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Nick Diaz Ten Punch Combinations

Here is a pretty cool video of Nick Diaz giving us some insight into his unorthodox boxing style. We get to see a total of ten punch combinations, which to many look awkward and slow, but boy are they effective. And we see it time and time again when it comes to the boxing of Stockton’s own. Nick has always been known for his hands first and Jiu-Jitsu second. And here we get to see some analysis of his boxing combinations that have stopped so many of his opponents.

Nick has been around the fight game for may years and fought for most of the very best promotions. Starting out his pro career back in 2001, it wasn’t too long before people started to sit up and take notice. And at just two years into his professional career, he got the call from WEC, then not too soon after the UFC. Nicks’s hands have always been very good, as his cardio and BJJ were always there to back up any situation inside the cage.

But with his hands Nick made a name for himself, stopping or simply wearing down many of the biggest names in the sport. he has often eluded to trying out some professional boxing, but the new career never came to pass. And with MMA fans always clambering to find out if he will ever make his return to the cage. All we can do is sit back and enjoy the handy work of the enigma that is Nick Diaz. His boxing combinations and his personality both in and out of the competition.


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