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Funny Nate Diaz Joins FOX Sports Live Talks Conor McGregor & Cursing

Nate Diaz talks Conor McGregor and UFC 196

Nate Diaz joined Jay & Dan on FOX Sports Live to talk about his fight with Conor McGregor at UFC 196. Diaz goes on to say how he thought he was speaking with Chael Sonnen the day of the now-infamous interview. How he was wondering who was laughing at him in his earpiece during the questions.

Nate goes into detail about how he approaches his fights before and after the event. His bruising career in the sport and how always fights whoever they put in front of him. More and more he has become a bigger name in the sport, now somewhat outshining his older brother Nick Diaz who has somewhat faded into the background.

Now he will take on the biggest name in the sport as he faces the two-division champion, Conor McGregor, at welterweight. And with the odds stacked in the Irishman’s favour, Nate pulls no punches in saying how he thinks the fight will play out. With McGregor moving up to welterweight to face Diaz, it will be uncharted territory for the UFC featherweight and lightweight champion.

Will Nate Diaz manage to overcome the phenomenon that is the McGregor train, or fall like so many before him. With some much hype going into the fight, it’s one that has got everyone talking and cursing too.

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