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Nate Diaz joins Chael Sonnen to Talk About UFC 202 and Conor McGregor

Nate Diaz Talks Conor McGregor With Chael Sonnen

UFC lightweight turned welterweight Nate Diaz joins Chael Sonnen to talk about UFC 202. Who won the fight between him and Conor McGregor. Might we see the third instalment and is Nate willing to fight McGregor in his own backyard in Croke Park in Ireland? Nate also gives his opinion on some upcoming bouts. And whether or not he would be willing to face Georges St Pierre should he return to the octagon.

Going into their second fight, according to the Las Vegas bookies Nate is the favourite to beat McGregor. And Chael Asks Nate about the fact that they are once again fighting at 170 lbs. and not lightweight which is the weight both normally fight at? Diaz informs Chael that as they fought at welterweight the first time that it would be a cop-out by Conor McGregor to drop down to lightweight for this fight.

Dealing With The UFC 202 Pre Fight Media

Nate talks about how it has been dealing with the media during this fight build-up, And it’s not that he doesn’t specifically like the media, but more so how the media are quite negative toward him. So that is part of the media obligations he does not enjoy. The media he believes are there to make him look like the bad guy and Conor McGregor being the good guy.

But to Nate Diaz, he is all about being honest with people. And for him later on in the week, he will be fighting a guy in a cage in front of the world. He talks about how his team had confidence in him beating Conor. And he himself feels like he can beat anyone in the sport from lightweight to heavyweight.

Nate goes on to describe how he is feeling come fight week. And about he he thinks about the fight itself and how it may turn out. He goes onto chat about his career and future plans in an in-depth interview with Chael P. Definitely one of the most insightful interviews he has done to date.

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