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Muhammad Mokaev Vs. Malcolm Gordon (Flyweight) UFC 280

Muhammad Mokaev and Malcolm Gordon faced off in a bantamweight bout at UFC Fight Night on September 4th, 2021. The two fighters brought different styles to the octagon, with Mokaev known for his grappling prowess and Gordon for his striking.

The first round saw Mokaev use his wrestling to take Gordon down multiple times and control him on the ground. Gordon did well to defend and get back to his feet, but Mokaev continued to dominate with his grappling skills.

In the second round, Mokaev again took Gordon down and worked his ground and pound. Gordon looked to counter with strikes from the bottom, but Mokaev was able to stay in control and avoid any significant damage.

The third round saw Gordon come out with more urgency, looking to land strikes on Mokaev. However, Mokaev was able to take him down once again and control the fight on the ground, landing punches and elbows from the top position.

In the end, Mokaev was awarded a unanimous decision victory, with all three judges scoring the fight 30-27 in his favor. Mokaev’s grappling proved to be too much for Gordon to handle, and he was unable to mount any significant offense on the feet.

The win improved Mokaev’s professional record to 5-0 and marked his successful UFC debut. With his dominant grappling skills, Mokaev looks to be a rising star in the bantamweight division.

Gordon, on the other hand, suffered his fourth loss in the UFC and will need to regroup and come back stronger if he wants to remain a competitive fighter in the promotion.

Overall, the Mokaev vs. Gordon fight was a showcase of Mokaev’s impressive grappling skills and dominance on the ground and a tough loss for Gordon.

53 / 100
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