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Muhammad Ali Life is Short so Make the Most of Your Time

Muhammad Ali Talks Life

In terms of a shortlist for the most inspirational people in the world. Few would not have the great Muhammad Ali somewhere near the very top of their list. Ali was a once in a generation sportsman and political activist who bridged the divide between the two. Born Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr in 1942, Ali grew up in an era where the rights of black people in America were very much secondary. Throughout his time on this planet, he was very much outspoken on the treatment of his people and their place in modern America.

In the realm of boxing itself, Ali was recognized by many as one of the greatest to ever step inside the squared circle. His combined prowess inside the ropes, along with his personal charisma and charm. Made him a very unique character in world history. To this day his words and deeds are revered by many, yet still frowned upon by some. But there can be no denying the impact the young kid from Louisville, Kentucky had on the world.

Muhammad Ali Remembered As The Greatest

From his refusal to join the US army to go and fight people on the other side of the world who had done nothing to him personally. For a country which continued to abuse the civil rights of his fellow black men and women. To his epic battles against Joe Frazer and George Foreman. Muhammad Ali will forever be remembered as one of a kind athlete and human being.

In this short piece of audio, we hear from the man himself as he waxes lyrical about life itself. How we approach it and what we can achieve in a short time we truly have. We hope you enjoy these words of wisdom from the great man himself. Feel inspired and go do the thing that makes you happy.

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