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Muhammad Ali Interview IN IRELAND

Muhammad Ali Interview In Ireland

In 1972 Muhammad Ali was in Ireland to fight Al Blue Lewis at Croke Park in Dublin. Prior to his fight, he did an interview on Irish television with Cathal O’Shannon. Unlike the interviews he would do in his home country, Ali opened up and spoke candidly about what it was like to live as a black man in the US.  He goes into detail about segregation, his religion and the treatment of his people throughout the world.

A very frank and at the same time fun interview with the consensus greatest boxer and sportsman to have ever lived. He goes into detail and discusses what he thinks of his opponents, past a present. As well as why he is in Ireland fighting a boxer who many others were avoiding.

Muhammad Ali In The US

Ali goes on to talk about how he is treated in his own country as a black man. What he is trying to achieve for his race and where he would like to see them in the future. He really does open up in this interview and actually comments on how he would never say the same things on US television. As he does not want his opponents or his enemies to see the nicer side of him.

Muhammad goes on to talk about his affinity for the Irish people. And how he sees a comparison between the Irish and the Blackman who lives in the United States. Both vying for their freedom for generations and how it can be achieved. He finishes the interview with a profound poem, that tells the story of the Attica prison riots that took place on September 13 1971. When twenty-nine prisoners and ten prison guards were killed. Truly this was Muhammad Ali at his very best and a must-watch for those who may not be too familiar with his other side.

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