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Muhammad Ali Documentary When We Were Kings

Muhammad Ali When We Were Kings Full Movie

When We Were Kings is an American documentary film directed by Leon Gast from 1996. The documentary returns to the historic heavyweight boxing match which took place on 30 October 1974, between Muhammad Ali and George Foreman in Kinshasa and around the political and cultural climate around the event. The music for this standout boxing documentary is supplied by none other than James Brown, BB King, The Spinners. Signalling the return of African Americans to their ancestral home.

We go behind the scenes and into the lives of the two fighters in the build-up to this historic fight. George Foreman was seen as the fast-rising, hard-punching heavyweight. Whom many feared would destroy Ali once he got him inside the ring. We get to see the pre-fight build-up and the interactions between the challenger Ali, his promoter Don King and Foreman himself.

Beloved by his African fans, Ali entered the fight as the underdog. They said he was too old, Foreman was too strong, too big. They said he might get killed inside the ring again the crushing attacks by Foreman. But what they didn’t count on was Ali’s tenacity and gameplan. He knew what he needed to do and in the end, it confounded the heavyweight champion.

The fight is widely recognised as the biggest event in the history of boxing. A gruelling fight where Ali looked to be losing and simply taking punishment throughout. That would eventually culminate in one of the biggest knockdowns in boxing history. A truly memorable night for any fan of boxing or of The Greatest Muhammad Ali! So buckle up your seatbelts as we watch this epic battle from the heart of Africa. A glorious night of unrivalled boxing history in the making. And the return of the biggest star the sport has ever known.

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