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Muay Thai In MMA | Matt Brown | A Film Study

There are certain fundamentals in mixed martial arts which have helped to take some fighters to the next level in the sport. To create champions and often add those show stopper moments. Muay Thai is and always has been one of those disciplines and the key to many’s successes in the sport. Including none other than UFC welterweight “The Immortal” Matt Brown.

Brown is an alumnus of the Ultimate Fighter and officially joined the UFC back in 2008. Known for his aggressive standup, he is a no-nonsense mixed martial artist who came to the sport like so many of the young adopters, via the streets. Taking his natural desire to fight, after many personal trials and tribulations, he would eventually decide to apply himself fully to the sport of MMA.

His time with the promotion offered a mixed bag of results. With some close decision losses and big wins under his belt. Including him being the first fighter to hand Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson his first loss as a professional. With an always push forward knock your head clean off fighting style. Matt was not known for holding back, either inside the cage or on the mic.

Coming so close to a run a the UFC championship. Win lose or draw, Matt is a fighter who has always entertained. And for that very reason to this day has remained a top competitor and fan favourite, in the worlds most prestigious MMA promotion.

Muay Thai For MMA

But his crushing Muay Thai elbows and kicks were what for many signified his fighting style. Training for a time under Matt Hume, Team Takedown as well as Jason Parillo. Somewhere along the way, he developed a strong base and love for the Thai style.

Brendan Dorman breaks down the UFC fighter from Jamestown Ohio. And gives us his insight into his clinch and striking game which forms the basis for Brown’s arsenal inside the octagon.

Matt The Immortal Brown, one of the nicest savages in the game, also has done some of the best clinch work and usage of ‘8 limbs’ in MMA. His elbow knockout of Diego Sanchez is on just about every KO highlight reel montage you’ll come across and with good reason.”


Brown’s penchant for the martial art of Muay Thai can be seen throughout his fights. And it’s obvious from this shout out that the Immortal one digs the work of the fight professor:

So let’s sit back and drink in the knowledge, as blow for blow we pick apart Mr Brown’s take on Muay Thai for MMA. Look, watch learn and enjoy. Now over to BD.

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