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UFC, MMA Fighting & Combat Sports Lifestyle

MMA Fighter Xu Xiaodong vs TAI CHI MASTER Wei Lei – Full Fight Intro and Multiple Angles


We recently tweeted out a story emanating from China, which has taken hold in the combat sports world. Where Chinese entrepreneur Xu Sheng, has offered a total prize pot of 100 million (RMB) … $1.45 million. To any traditional martial artists, who can beat a MMA fighter in a one on one fight. The above video shows Tai Chi Master Wei Lei, attempting to grab his own piece of the pie. By showing that his art can, in fact, compete with ultra-aggressive MMA.

Tai Chi is widely viewed as the flowing martial art, enjoyed by millions around the world. But notably not for combat, I might add! Most people will be familiar with seeing often large groups of people, usually in parks. Moving their bodies in flow with coordinated gestures, while striking a range of poses. Swaying to unseen energy which is described by its practitioners as Chi.

Now juxtapose that with mixed martial arts. A sport which combines many of the traditional martial arts. But often with brutal and definitively aggressive tactics to end a fight as quickly as possible. With whatever discipline is best applied at that given moment. The traditional martial arts, by contrast, look to stick to a predefined set of movements. Thereby limiting itself in terms of real-world combat, especially outside of any sanctioned bout.

The call by Xu Sheng will no doubt be answered by many, who see their art as the truth. And who will look to capitalise by defeating an MMA fighter and showing their peers and the wider martial arts world that tradition too has its place in the modern world of combat? At least that is what they will be banking on… But will they get to cash in?

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