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MMA Fighter Mauro Chalet Murdered in Police Violence

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According to reports, Mauro Chalet, a professional mixed martial arts fighter who was 34 years old and lived in the city of Porto Alegre, was killed during a confrontation with police officials. It is reported that the fighter, a female acquaintance, and an officer were all shot during the chaotic sequence of events, but only Chaulet was killed.

The dispute with the cop reportedly began in a pub and continued to escalate from there, as stated in the story that was published on the local news website Radio Guaiba. It has been reported that during the struggle, Chaulet grabbed the officer’s gun and shot him in the leg; however, accounts of exactly what happened are conflicting. Both Chaulet and the woman he was with were injured in the process. According to the reports, Chaulet was shot in the back, while the woman sustained two wounds to the stomach.

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After the original incident, Chaulet attempted to drive away from the area, but he was chased by police, which resulted in additional gunshots being exchanged between both parties. Again, there are conflicting accounts as to who shot whom and when; nonetheless, the pursuit is claimed to have ceased when Chaulet collided with another car. It would appear that the fighter’s injuries ultimately proved fatal since he passed away not long after.

According to reports, the victim, a woman who had two gunshot wounds to the stomach, underwent surgery and is currently in stable condition following the incident. The cop who was shot in the line of duty also required surgery, but it is anticipated that he will make a full recovery.

Mauro Chaulet earned a record of 13-9 in his mixed martial arts (MMA) career, competing on the international and Brazilian regional circuits, respectively. This run saw appearances under illustrious promotions, including Legacy Fighting Alliance and Jungle Fight, among others.

The featherweight’s career came to an end with a three-fight losing streak, including defeats at the hands of Manoel Sousa, Andre Harrison, and Damon Jackson, who is now competing in the UFC 135. The most recent victory for Chaulet came at LFA 75, which took place in September 2019 and involved a split decision victory over Samson Phommabout.

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