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Mirko Cro Cop Talks Stipe Miocic, Werdum and Crazy Wanderlei Silva

Mirko Cro Cop Interview on Combat Sports

MMA and K-1 legend Mirko Cro Cop sits down with Podcast Inkubator to discuss his life in combat sports. In this specially subtitled section, Cropcop talks about some of the biggest names in MMA. Some of which are his friends and others with whom he has competed against over the years.

Mirko talks about how much he loves the UFC heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic, a fellow Croatian/American fighter. Who in the beginning Cro Cop knew had talent, but whom he didn’t necessarily expect to go all the way to the top. He talks about the Stipe Miocic vs Fabricio Werdum title fight. And how he did not expect Werdum to do so well against Stipes boxing.

Fabricio is a great guy, great personality, but his striking not so great. Of course, Mirko knows this as he trained with him for 2 years. Great on the ground, very strong, but he is not a boxer. When you compare him to classically trained boxers, his technique is not very good. But he admits those punches are still dangerous.

He also talks about some other people, who throughout the years he has competed against, including the great Peter Aerts. Another fighter whom he respects greatly and a very good guy to too. Saying that,

“In the end, we all went there and risk our health.”

Adding that they are all there to provide for their families. Mirko also talks about how he asked to have Wanderlei Silva removed from his hotel at a RIZIN event. Saying that he has respect for Silva from their Pride FC days. But before an event last July, he met Silva and they hugged and smiled.

Both men knew they would not be fighting each other. But when it came to the press conference, Wanderlei started screaming that he wanted to fight Cro Cop again. And for Mirko, it was quite strange, as just a few minutes before he was sitting down and smiling with him. But, no problem, thought Cro Cop. I’ll gladly whoop his ass one more time, no problem.

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