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Mike Tyson’s Funniest Ever Interview


Mike Tyson And His Funniest Interview

For many people of a certain generation, Mike Tyson is the reason the fell in love with combat sports, more specifically boxing. Here is some rare outtake footage from the pre-fight Tyson vs Tony Tubbs media duties in 1998. Mike has to remember and repeat some lines for a tv commercial. But he is having the same issues over and over again.

Hilarity ensues as he tries to reel it off the way he likes it and correctly. With an ever-growing army of Japanese fans in the background. It makes for very funny viewing and will have Mike Tyson fans in stitches. Iron Mike most certainly knows how to play to the camera. And surprisingly enough, really not get that irritated by the process.

Mike Tyson Doing A Commercial

He slowly edges his way through the task at hand, having got remember several lines for the commercial. But time and time again he fluffs them. Trying to figure out how best to deliver them, he tries multiple styles and edits on the fly. And Tyson takes it all in his stride, never getting flustered or angry. Just sticking to the script and doing his best to get the lines before him right.

At one point between takes, Mike gets into the camera and begins to check out his face and tongue. We are not quite sure what he was doing apart from perhaps checking his personal hygiene. And towards the end of the footage Mike Tyson is interviewed, being asked about his upcoming fight with Tony Tubbs is in Tokyo. As he seeks to defend his heavyweight title yet again.

The right toward the end of the interview Mike is asked about his wife Robin Givens. Who is on her way to Japan and will be out spending his money in the shops. To which Mike replies that he doesn’t mind her spending his money. He wasn’t to know that some years later, that very same woman would lay a huge part in his downfall.

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