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Mike Tyson Discusses When Life gets hard

The former world heavyweight champion Mike Tyson is an often much maligned and misunderstood man. Growing up as he did ina dysfunctional household. Iron Mike was forced from a very young age to fend for himself. Moving to Brownsville New York as a youth.

Tyson was thrown into an environment which was racked with crime and violence. Which forced the teen to adapt or simply be destroyed.

His mother was involved in prostitution and a young Mike learned that he was able to rob from clients when they fell asleep in his home. Mike says that he was born with great perception. And while watching others fight, he knew even as a young man his time would come.

“I knew I was Going to Be Champion of the world Before I Died. I Knew I Wasn’t Going to Die Before I Became Champ”.

Dying is Just a Glorious As Living – Mike Tyson

In Tyson’ words, dying is just as glorious as living. You couldn’t have death without life. So how could death be less glorious than life? Mike used to get bullied at school, so as a result, he stopped attending.

When he would go to school he would simply hang around. This led to him mixing with the wrong people. It was through subsequent events which led Mike to finally be taken in by his coach and mentor, Cus D’Amato.

Cus treated Mike like no one before. Telling him he would be the heavyweight champion of the world. That he was a God. And that not even the sons of Gods would be able to beat his fighter. Simply because he was his fighter.

But throughout his time with D’Amato, Mike Tyson always knew his place. Even as he began to rise in the ranks of boxing. Cus would always make sure he remained focused. And both demanded and received respect from his burgeoning heavyweight world champion.

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