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Mike Tyson vs Evander Holyfield 2 1997 Ear Bite


Mike Tyson Against Evander Holyfield 2 Full Fight

For the second time, these two warriors met in a fight would become infamous for all the wrong reasons. Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield in 1997 for the undisputed championship of the world. The first fight had finished with Evander Holyfield becoming the undisputed champion of the world. In this second fight, Tyson would be disqualified for biting Holyfield’s ear twice in what would become a historic fight in the history of boxing.

So from the beginning, we knew that Mike was already on the warpath. Eager to show the world that their first fight was a fluke and that he was going to take Evander out of the fight. But Holyfield, unlike so many fighters before was not intimidated by Tyson. An extremely religious man, he felt that God Almighty was on his side and that he would show the world who was the number one heavyweight.

Round One

And from the first bell, you could see that Tyson was at the very least tentative. While Holyfield was keeping him at bay on the outside. On the inside Evander was using his head to push Mike away, often butting him in the process. And as round one drew to a close, it appeared for all the world that Holyfield was already gaining the upper hand.

Round Two

Round two of the fight continued in much the same way as round one. As Holyfield continued to look the sharer of the two, landing with more accuracy and making Tyson overthink. On top of all this, Evander was repeatedly butting heads and it looked like Tyson was reacting and even gesturing to the referee that this was happening.

At one point the referee did give a warning that. But the fight continued as before, now with both men using their heads as a weapon in the clinch. And Tyson who already had a small cut over his right eye now has a much more substantial cut. After Holyfield once again came in with his head down and slammed into his face.

Round Three

And Mike Tyson comes out like a man on a mission. With shades of his younger self, he goes after Holyfield with reckless abandonment. With two rounds down, will this be the round where he turns the tables? And the answer to that is no, as in yet another clinch Mike turns into Evander and bites his ear, actually taking a piece in the process.

While the round is allowed to continue, Mike once again tries to bite Holyfield’s other ear. And it’s an all-out war between the two as they swing for the fences before the bell to signal the end of the round. But it’s also the final bell as the fight is called out and Mike Tyson is officially disqualified. In one of the most shocking and chaotic boxing fights, we have ever seen.

Boxing promoter Don King, who is often referred to as a Reptillian would later go on the public record about how the referee shouldn’t have cancelled the fight! Sitting ringside representing the Nevada State athletic commission would be no other than UFC owner Lorenzo Fertitta. In a hark back to his days spent working in the sport of boxing.

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