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Mike Tyson – “I WAS A KILLER”

Mike Tyson Was a self-confessed monster

The monster within us was indicative of why we were so compelled to watch the monster that was Mike. Join me as we explore this monster, understanding Mike Tyson through his mentor Cus D’Amato & highlights. Mike Tyson’s world fostered an antisocial personality.

From a mother who was never proud of him. To an impoverished environment flooded with criminals. As a result, Mike had a lot of pent up animosity, he was angry, a soul overrun with demons.

If this energy was not given direction, no doubt he would have become a gang banger, a criminal. assimilated to that environment. Luckily boxing saved him.And that energy was given room to roam free and wreak havoc. To which it did. In present time looking back at the havoc he reeked on his opponents. Iron Mike says,

“The difference between then and no is that I was a killer. These boys are businessmen.”

No doubt watching Mike ourselves. No doubt the man was an onslaught of malice. But, he made 300 million throughout his career, despite not being a businessman. How? simple! People wanted to watch him, why? To understand we must first venture into a bit of wisdom from Mike Tyson’s coach and mentor Cus D’Amato.

With hooks and uppercuts, he would deliver a concussive dose of bad intentions. And in doing so, we could not help but watch. Some felt fear watching Mike, others had a spike of testosterone. Feeling that malice well up within themselves.

Through Mike we felt dominant, obliterating the being we see before us. Throwing hands ourselves, trying to replicate that feeling. But we could not be him. Either our world and civilised society suppressed it or we simply did not have it in us at all. But through Mike, each fight, we would rekindle that beast within ourselves. And for a moment, we become him…..



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