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Mike Tyson in prison rare Larry King Interview

Mike Tyson Prison Interview with Larry King Part 1

RARE Mike Tyson prison Interview

Most of today’s combat sports fans will be familiar with the achievements of former heavyweight boxing world champion Mike Tyson. Thanks to the power of platforms such a YouTube, his best of or Top 10 knockouts have ensured that his legend has endured long after he stepped away from the boxing ring.

But now as the youngest ever heavyweight world champion looks set to once more step back inside the square circle. To face off against fellow great Roy Jones Junior. We thought it would be interesting to take a look back at the lesser talked about time in his life. When Tyson was incarcerated on a rape conviction, after being handed down a six-year sentence. He would go on to serve three of those years, being released in 1995.

But it was a dark time in Mike’s life as he struggled with his own demons. As he looked to make sense of where his journey had taken him. And so he agreed to do an interview with Larry King to explain in his own words.

Many newer fans will only be familiar with Mike as the ageing boxer who does his Hotboxin podcast. Unaware of the back catalogue that documented almost every day of his life, after becoming the most dangerous boxer in the world.

Who Is Mike Tyson?

But there are two very distinct sides to Mike Tyson that many often miss. While some would rather just focus on the boxer who knocked out hulking heavyweights who towered over him out for fun. There is another deeper side to Iron Mike. Speaking words beyond his years, Tyson breaks own his views on life and more specifically, the meaning of life.

He talks about his change in faith from that of the Catholic religion to Islam. An how when he was running the streets, religion had no place in his world. But now behind bars all that has now changed.

Mike goes deep on his attitude toward other races, what he misses about the outside world. Even the fact that he does not miss encounters with women. As they were mostly full of emptiness, just like in prison. He talks about love and what it means to be in love and how some people in this world never had to fight for love.

Everyone Betrays You

He discusses how he believes that everyone in your life will one day betray you, even those who you love. To which Larry King says, “if you believe that you must be unhappy.” As Mike replies;

“No, I’m not unhappy, I’m just aware of my circumstances.”

Mike Tyson – Larry King CNN Interview

And Larry also asks about Mike’s upcoming appeal in which he may have his sentence reduced. But he is not overly optimistic as he believes the people who put him in prison can keep him there, should they so decide. Adding that if you are in a fight, you don’t ease off on your opponent, but go in for the kill.

“You give me the currency of a country and you can make all the rule in the world.”

Mike Tyson – Larry King CNN interview

And it seems that Tyson is in no huge rush to get back to boxing. With any potential super fight when he gets out of prison promising to be the biggest in boxing history. Mike seems if anything, disinterested in the prospect. Saying that his allegiance is to his God and no one else, as everyone else now comes second.

Mike Tyson Prison Interview with Larry King Part 2

The Current Heavyweight Division

Larry asks Mike to give his thoughts on the current heavyweight division, as well as who he believes is the best boxer out there right now. And at this point in his life Mike is not so sure anymore that if asked, he wouldn’t fight his long time friend Riddick Bowe. As he feels that in his current state of consciousness it would be disrespectful.

Then when asked about the first thing he will do when he gets released? Mike answers that he will take a bath, as he is a bath guy and in prison, there are only showers. And anything else other than that, he says he would be lying.

It’s a fascinating insight into the mind of one of the greatest athletes the world has known. Feared by many as the most destructive boxer who ever lived. This interview shows us a totally different side of the man people were taught to fear.


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