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Mike Tyson “I’m Always Just Mike” Featuring Cris Cyborg and Eben Britton

Mike Tyson gets Super Emotional Reflecting on his Life

You may or may not have noticed but at Mick’s, we are huge fans of the great Mike Tyson. But outside of his legendary boxing career, Mike has gone through untold trials and tribulations during his time on this earth. Older and wiser, he is able to now look back on his journey, from where he has come, to where he is today.

To Mike, the person many fans think he is versus who he himself knows who he is are two very different people. Idolised by fans, when he looks in the mirror he sees someone completely different. He is a soul riddled with flaws and unsung bad deeds. It’s a cross he carries throughout his daily life and something only every now and then we get to see.

Here he is joined on his Hotboxin podcast by guest mixed martial arts fighter Cris Cyborg. Alongside his friend and co-host, former NFL football player Eben Britton. Hotboxin is Mike’s personal platform to air his thoughts and opinions and when the conditions are just right, open up to the world about how he truly feels when he looks at his life.

While he is regarded as one of the greatest fighters to have ever lived, to Tyson himself, he is just Mike. Now older and wiser, he is able to look back on his past and analyse all the wrongs he believes he has done to others. After all the success and adulation he has achieved, to him, he just sees a regular guy who somehow managed to achieve greatness.

Mike Tyson Speaking About The psychedelic Toad

Through his use of what he refers to as The Toad, a venous toad from the Bufo marinus family. Which is thought to have the highest naturally-occurring concentration of the psychedelic 5-MeO-DMT in the known universe. Mike has had his ego slowly and methodically stripped away until all that is left is his very soul. Along with all the good and bad deeds he has done throughout his highly documented time on this earth.

The Mike Tyson we see today is a far cry from the heavyweight boxing destroyer of worlds we saw reign supreme throughout the 1980s. That is the Tyson which scares today’s Mike, the guy he no longer associates with yet cannot shake. He will be with him forever and so will his all of his deeds. And it is this person who often envokes some truly deep soul searching from one of the most feared men on the planet.

So let us listen in on what he had to say as Mike takes us on a journey into his psyche. It’s emotional, it’s provocative, it’s Mike Tyson at his deepest and we wouldn’t have it any other way. A true legend and someone we can all learn from. To come from nothing and achieve everything, then to look back and wonder what it was all for? This is the enigma at his very best, this is Mike Tyson.

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