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Mike Tyson Gives Intro of Muhammad Ali at Hall of Fame Induction

Mike Tyson Emotional Muhammad Ali Hall Of Fame Induction

A heartwarming and emotional speech by “Iron” Mike Tyson who last night had the privilege of introducing Muhammad Ali into Boxing Hall of Fame induction dinner. Tyson reflected on his own past, telling some very personal stories about his own first introduction to boxing and Ali. Sitting in the juvenile hall the young Tyson recounts seeing the legendary Ali. Who actually came to see the boys while they were incarcerated.

When the boys were allowed to watch a movie called The Greatest. Next thing you know out of the blue and completely unexpected, Ali walks into the room. And when that happened Mike noticed how the guards, who would normally brutalise the. Suddenly turned into fawning fans of the iconic fighter. Being lauded by fans young and old and wondered how he himself could achieve such greatness.

Muhammad Ali and Cus D’Amato

Later on in his teenage years while under the stewardship of Cus D’mato, a good friend of Ali. A 15-year-old Tyson spoke with Ali on the phone and told him that he would beat up his former opponent Leon Spinks once he was a little older. It may not have been Spinks, but as a consolation, he did beat Larry Holmes some years later.

But it was Muhammad Ali and some other fighters, who got Mike int boxing in the first place. And Ali is considered by Mike Tyson to be the greatest boxer who ever lived. And in his speech, you get a good understanding of the regard the former World champion has for the Greatest. As Tyson recants some stories from the past and the effect Ali had on his won life.

A terrific speech from Mike who is obviously very emotional when discussing his favourite fighter, The Greatest Muhammad Ali. And what he achieved during his time on our planet. With a positive message and role model for others to follow.

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