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Mike Tyson – Iron Mike (Original Career Documentary – Remaster)

Iron Mike Tyson Documentary

Mike Tyson will forever be remembered as one of the most feared and ferocious boxers who ever lived. Yesterday’s Iron Mike is today’s cuddly and considerate podcast host and Marijuana Ranch entrepreneur. Moving both physically and mentally from the mean streets and mean temperament of the past. The years and fans have been kind to the boxing great.

If you have ever listened to his Hotboxing podcast, where he interviews all manner of intriguing and entertaining guests. It may always strike you that if anything, all of these guests are forever enamoured by the host and not vice versa. Of course, Mike respects and enjoys the conversations.

But without fail, each and everyone he invites on will at some point bring it back to the man himself. His accomplishments both inside and outside the ring, his crazy life story filled with a never-ending stream of fascinating and unequalled stories.

Mike Tyson is At Peace

It’s great that at this point in his life he has finally found some peace a solitude after a life filled with chaos, violence and drama. Now looking back in awe as we do love to do. We can but marvel at the achievements and sheer ferocity of the youngest boxing heavyweight champion in history.

Once asked in an interview about his approach to the sport and how he was perceived. “You would get into the ring and people were scared. Were you channelling the anger that you had from your childhood? You know I think a lot of it had to do with that you know and I realize every fight with a decision or if I’m gonna go back to that lifestyle or not this is all over.”

Tyson was like a sponge who just absorbed everything. That his trainer and father figure Cus D’Amato had to teach him. The head movement, throwing a punch with bad intentions. Such a machine he was programmed to destroy all that came before him. Which he managed to achieve for the majority of his career.

It’s a fascinating story which will no doubt be told many times again into the future. As we remember Kid Dynamite turned Iron Mike Tyson and his legacy.

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