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This Day in Boxing History, 1984 Mike Tyson and Cus D’amato

Mike Tyson And Cus D’Amato ABC interview

This is a heartwarming two-part interview conducted by Alex Wallau of ABC Sports with Cus D’Amato and Mike Tyson. This Day in boxing history on April 20, 1984. A 17-year-old Tyson and D’amato Reel 1, sit down to talk about their lives and their relationship. Mike even at this young age was already being recognised as headed for greatness.

D’amato is open and candid about what he thinks of him. How their partnership came to be and the aspirations of both men as they talk about the past and future plans. It’s a fascinating insight into the almost father-son relationship between the two. Tyson is very obvious in the respect he has for his coach and friend.

While residing in a local boys reform school. Mike at the age of 12 – 13 was first introduced to D’Amato. And it was under his tutelage that Tyson became the most feared heavyweight boxer to walk the planet. It was the guidance and push of Cus which helped to develop Tyson from an angry street fighter. Into the most devastating puncher, the boxing world had ever seen.

Cus and Mike Discuss Eachother

Cus talks about his first impressions when meeting Mike. How he felt that he was a kid from a bad neighbourhood who had some great qualities. He discusses how he went about getting through to the young Tyson. And how it was so important that Mike was listening to what he had to say.

Mike talks about what it was like growing up in Brooklyn New York. His time as a street thug, robbing people and their home and then compares it to life in the Catskills. As well as if he had a chance, where he would like to settle down and raise a family. He also breaks down what effect Cus has had on his boxing. And how his mental training has prepared him for any battle that may lie ahead.

This is a long-form interview that covers so many aspects of their relationship. And gives us such invaluable insight into how both played a huge role in the others life. We get a great sense of where Mike may have ended up if he had not met D’Amato. And how their bond was a strong as any you will ever see.

So let’s take a close look and listen to this fascinating interview with two of the greatest figures in world boxing history. A moment in time when the pair were in complete alignment and building the future career and legacy of Iron Mike Tyson.

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