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Mike Tyson || Breakdown • Skill Study • Highlights (w/ Narration)

Mike Tyson Breakdown And Analysis

‘What We Can Learn From a Young Iron Mike Tyson / Kid Dynamite’

My reasoning for doing this is a few fold. Firstly, I grew up on a steady diet of combat sports, firstly with Marvin Hagler when I was very young and he was on his way out. While I loved and admired Hagler, I didn’t understand much of the complex nature of the sweet science.

In the early to mid-1980s, there was no UFC, no MMA. The American Kickboxing scene was lethargic at best. So the baddest man on the planet was in fact better described as a man-child. Mike Tyson was getting national exposure before his 16th birthday. And at the time my father followed boxing as I do Mixed Martial Arts now.

So, while many of you could care less about how I got from A to B to now…. I think the variety of influences, and diversity of the pugilists in my personal journey is important. If for nothing else than to better understand “the how”.

I see many a UFC fighter in today’s landscape that is akin to a soldier without proper command. For every Mighty Mouse Demetrious Johnson and Matt Hume or GSP and Firas. There is 1000 John Doe’s with all the talent and potential in the world. Just lacking an intelligent general, much like Cus, and even Kevin Rooney and Teddy Atlas were to Tyson.

Of course, I will cover his technique, but the important lesson, especially with a young Tyson, is his willingness to learn, and yearning to perform well.

Enjoy everyone. Cheers.


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