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Boxing History: Mike Tyson Takes Us on a Journey


Boxing History: Mike Tyson Takes You on a Boxing Journey

The world youngest ever heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson. Takes us on a fascinating trip through the history of boxing and many boxing themes. Outside of his pugilistic skills inside the ring, Mike is one of the sports historians. Able to recount intimate details of fights from down through the decades. Here he is your guide through the history of boxing which includes some of the biggest, funniest, greatest moments in the sport.

With some of the fight dating back 90 years, we get to see and hear what Tyson thinks of some of these past champions. Who were his favourites and who does he believe were amongst the very best to ever lace up a pair of gloves. With fighters such a Gentleman Jim Corbett, John L Sullivan, Jim Jeffries who all reigned during the very early days of boxing becoming a legalised sport which used gloves.

Televised Boxing Fights

Moving on into televised boxing fights, Mike brings us through some of the biggest names to ever grace the ring. Including Rocky Marciano, Smokin Joe Frazier and of course, The Greatest, Muhammad Ali, Tyson’s own favourite fighter of all time. Mike brings us along on a journey as he discusses the Ali vs Frazier series of fights which illuminated the world of boxing for many years.

We get to see footage from some of the most iconic fights of the last century. As mike leads us through each and everyone as he breaks down what happened and the reasons he believes why. It’s an awe-inspiring collection of fights, all beautifully and methodically broken down by the current champion of the time Iron Mike Tyson. If you are a fan of boxing, then you will love his take on some of the best fights the sport of boxing has ever known. From one of the most popular fighters in world history.

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