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Michael Bisping vs Luke Rockhold UFC 199 Full Fight

Rockhold vs Bisping 2 full fight

Re-watch Michael Bisping shocks the world to finally claim gold. Defeating Luke Rockhold to become the UFC middleweight champion at UFC 199. Now Bisping looks to defend his belt, as he takes on Dan Henderson in a rematch at UFC 204 this Saturday night. The last time the two met, Hendo ended Bisping’s night with a ferocious right hand. Stopping the Brit in dramatic fashion, while also creating one of the most well-known memes in all combat sports.

In this fight, we get to see how Bisping dealt with the champion Rockhold the second time of asking. In their first fight, Rockhold had put a beating on the challenger, finishing him with one arm in guillotine. This time around is Bisping any more prepared to face his demons and capture UFC gold in their second fight. What did the Brit learn from the first time out apart from not to give the champion his neck?

Will he be able to go in and get the job done against a confident Luke Rockhold who has looked solid since clinching the middleweight title. For Michael Bisping, it may be one of his very last chances to finally claim UFC gold before he finally steps away from the competition. We find out now as we watch these two warriors put it all on the line at UFC 199.

And Michael Bisping did not disappoint in a pretty evenly contested opening round. Rockhold looked like he was stalking the challenger, as confidently as he had spoken in the pre-fight build-up. But Bisping was constantly probing for an overhand left punch, which he missed several times. Then at 3:36 of round one, he did manage to land that very same punch that caught Rockhold right on the chin. And the rest, as they say, is history!

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