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Michael Bisping UFC 204 – My Destiny

Michael Bisping my destiny

From his early days growing up in Clitheroe in the north of England to his first professional fight. To his ten-year battle to become UFC world champion. We speak to all the key figures in the life of Michael Bisping, who have influenced him over the years. His family and friends coach trainers and fighters. All of whom have contributed to the moulding of the career of the UK’s first UFC Champion.

A fighter who was around the sport for well over a decade. We get to see where the UFC middleweight champion has come from. And more importantly where he sees himself going in the future. With an introduction to the important people in life, we hear from the man himself who is never short words. On what has made him the fighter and father who he is today.

For Michael Bisping, he believed it was his destiny to eventually become the UFC middleweight champion of the world. And while his career has seen some up and downs. He all along believed his day would eventually come along. It a fascinating insight into the life and mind of the British MMA star. who for many set the bar for the European fighters and opened many a door for others to follow.

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