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Michael Bisping and TJ Dillashaw Talk UFC 217 and Poutine

Michael Bisping and TJ Dillashaw talk UFC 217

The UFC middleweight Michael Bisping and former bantamweight champion TJ Dillashaw. Sit down to answer questions from the media in the UFC 217 pre-fight build-up. Bisping who came straight from five rounds of sparring. Says that he is currently the best version of himself as a fighter.

He has been super disciplined in the buildup to this fight. As he knows he is dealing with one of the very best fighters to ever step inside the cage. Bisping discusses why this fight happened after initially being put to bed. How he accepted the winner of Romero Whittaker, only for Whittaker to get injured.

Now that he is facing GSP, he has had to bring in some very specific guys to mimic the Canadians style. Including a selection of top wrestlers to deal with the constant takedown attempts.

Bisping also talks about how he has matured mentally as a fighter.Whereas before he would always get super angry before stepping into the cage. Now he likes to take the more calm approach. Something which has taken him to the age of 38 to achieve, but as he says,

“It had to happen sometime.”

Both guys talk about what it will be like to fight at the iconic Madison Square Garden. With Bisping saying that it wasn’t until he was at the venue that he felt the history in the air.

Dillashaw discusses why he believes he has a higher fighting IQ than CodyGarbrandt.He talks about what happened during the Dominick Cruz fight. And how Cruz for some reason fought Cody’s fight and not the other way around.

TJ believes that he has to be and will be, the smarter fighter on the night. It’s his fighting IQ versus Cody’s right hand.

Michael Bisping answers the question about GSP’s improvement. And answers the question about him supposedly reinventing himself. Saying that every fighter goes back to what they know when put under pressure.

Yes, he may have learned some new tricks. But once he is put under pressure, gets kicked in the head a few times. He’ll go back to what he knows best. And that is double leg takedown attempts.

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