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Michael Bisping Talks about his Upcoming Fight with Georges St-Pierre | TUF Talk

Michael Bisping Discusses His Georges St Pierre fight

The UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping sites down with co-host Karyn Bryant. And talks about his upcoming fight against the former undisputed welterweight champion Georges St Pierre,

Michael says that although he has been giving GSP a lot of crap during their press conferences. He actually has a lot of respect for him. In his eyes is extremely talented and good in all areas. He wins the majority of his fights using his wrestling. So this is one of the key areas he will have to look out for. But besides that, Bisping feels that he has the tools to get the win.

When asked if the fight feels any different when compared to his other fights? Mike says that he has fought all over the world for different promotions and he loves what he does to pay the bills. GSP is a great opponent and it is a huge fight.

But for him, it’s just another day at the office. When all is said and done a win over George’s will do great things for is legacy as a world champion, rounding things off by saying,

“The lizard will get the punishment”. For those of you who don’t know, Referring to the Canadians fascination with dinosaurs and reptiles.

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