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Michael Bisping Responds to Low IQ Luke Rockhold’s Recent Callout

Michael Bisping responds to Luke Rockhold’s recent callout

The current UFC middleweight Champion Michael Bisping responding to Luke Rockhold’s recent callout. Rockhold has been scathing in his attacks on Bisping. Stating that he feels the champion is avoiding all the top contenders and managing to cherrypick who he fights. With Jacare and Romero got leapfrogged by Dan Henderson and now Georges St Pierre.

Rockhold is looking to get his rematch and reclaim the title he lost in shocking fashion. But Michael Bisping isn’t having any of it and had his own choice words for the former 185lb champion.

While Bisping fought less than 12 months ago. Rockhold has been away from action for 15 months. After he suffered his loss to Bisping. Then on his return, he faces a guy who Bisping says he had never heard of.

The Count feels that Rockhold need to rematch against the other former champ Chris Weidman. Two bums as he calls them, as they both try to claw their way back to the top. Adding to that some derogatory words about their intellectual capacity.

It’s always fun and games when Bisping goes on attack mode. And right now there’s no one else in the world who gets more under his skin than Rockhold. These two do not like each other.

Is it a rematch we will ever get to see after Bisping announced that his fight against GSP may be his last? Only time will tell.

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