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Michael Bisping Fires Back at “Awesome” Yoel Romero Tirade

Michael Bisping vs Yoel Romero War Of Words

Here is the reigning undisputed UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping, firing back at his old foe Yoel Romero. Who’s has been recording himself swanning around his home country of Cuba. Threatening to come to find Michael Bisping and hurt him either inside or outside of the cage.

However, the other main focus of the videos has been for Yoel to desecrate the British flag. All of this following the incident at UFC 213, where The Count tore up a Cuban flag he found cage side. Right in front of the former Olympic wrestler turned MMA fighter.

Something that seems to have set Romero off the deep end. As he now campaigns to get a fight with the current 185lb Champion. Who as it happens is set to defend his title against the new Interim champion Robert Whittaker as he returns from his major knee surgery.

Michael Bisping Firing Back At Yoel Romero

With no definitive date set for his match with Whittaker. It’s anyone’s guess what exactly Yoel is playing at with his callouts. We know nothing can come of it, bar Whittaker slipping on a banana peel. And tossing his Interim title belt into the waiting hands of Romero in the process.

We might have to wait and see how things develop. But in the meantime, it has to be said that it is all very entertaining. Just so long as it stays that way. And doesn’t develop into something more outside of the cage. Long may it continue.

What in reality, which Romero is currently not living in, is next for the Cuban? At 40 does he stand by and hopefully get a shot at the winner of Bisping Whittaker, probably sometime in early 2018? Or does he look for competition outside of these two? The clock is ticking for the Soldier of God. In the meantime perhaps he may continue to keep the fans entertained outside of the cage too.

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