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Is Michael Bisping An Easy Fight?

On Michael Bisping Being An Easy Fight?

Not a UFC event goes by without a Michael Bisping call-out. From all angles, guys in and out of the top 10 seem to see Bisping as title shot gatekeeper/easy fight. His straight-forward “cocky” attitude is often used as an excuse by fighters wanting to shut the “Brit” up.

The truth is they see the middleweight division`s top 10 fighters such as Chris Weidman. The former champion and p4p great Anderson Silva, Vitor Belfort, Chael Sonnen, Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza, Lyoto Machida and Luke Rockhold. And out of these, they feel Bisping is the easiest fight and they can gain the most by adding his name to their collection.

Fighters already in the top 10 see him as a fight that will help them gain a spot higher on the ladder and if not at the very least keep them secure in their own spot.

Is this the case? Is Michael Bisping an easy fight? Apart from Belfort and Dan Henderson two of the world best. Who has knocked him out or dominated him so badly he is classed as an easy fight?

The answer is nobody! Looking at his record which shows 5 losses and 24 wins, 19 of those fights were in the UFC. Out of his 5 losses 3 were razor-thin losses that can be argued in his favour.

His first-ever loss was to Rashad Evans via split decision that Bisping still argues was the wrong result. After a tight fight against Chael Sonnen, Sonnen admitted defeat to Bisping before the result was called out in Chaels favour.

And he lost to Wanderlei in a horribly close decision loss and taking these into account his only “real” losses were to the hall of Famers Dan Henderson and a TRT inspired Vitor Belfort.

Bisping The Easy Fight?

Fighting Bisping is seen as an easy fight in terms of he doesn`t have knock-out power and he doesn’t attempt many submissions. But what he does bring to the table is great footwork and cardio and really top-level takedown defence.

Adding the fact that he is third overall for significant strikes landed in the UFC combines to make Bisping a formidable opponent. His fighting skills do not seem to deter the up and coming fighters in the division. And as long he is around there will be a cue of fighters wanting to step into the Octagon with him.

Another aspect in fighters wanting to fight Bisping is the fact that he is seen as a villain in many fans eyes. And by calling him out and fighting him there is a massive fan base of “Bisping haters”. Just waiting to jump onto whoever the challenger may be thus bringing that fighter more fame and with more fame and support title shots are not far away….

Just look at Dan Henderson and Chael Sonnen, both were given immediate title shots after the Bisping fights albeit Henderson’s title shot was in Strikeforce. And Rashad Evans fought Chuck Liddell in a number 1 contender fight after defeating Bisping.

Fighters are starting to see the pattern if you can gain a victory over Bisping you will gain support inside and outside the cage.

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