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Michael Bisping on Cris Cyborg Finally Facing Megan Anderson, De Randamie & Yoel Romero

Michael Bisping Talks Yoel Romero And More

The UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping had a few words to say, as per usual. On the current situation in the women’s 145lb division of the UFC. The current, now former champion Germaine De Randamie was unceremoniously stripped of her title. Something she actually found out about via social media.

Before the UFC went on to announce that Cris Cyborg, the fighter for whom the division was really created. Would fight the Invicta featherweight champion, Megan Anderson. For the vacant title left behind! Anderson has been calling for this fight for forever and now she gets what she has asked for!

Bisping weighs in on what he thinks of the whole situation. With De Randamie saying from the moment that she won the belt, that she wouldn’t be fighting Cyborg anytime soon. Then later going on to say she wouldn’t defend her title against Justino. As she was a proven cheat in the sport! Something we are sure did not go down at all well with the UFC.

The middleweight champion also defends his own position not fighting Yoel Romero. Dispelling any similarities between him and de Randamie’s not fighting the number one contender.

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