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Countdown to UFC 188 Gilbert Melendez vs. Eddie Alvarez

Melendez vs. Alvarez UFC 188 Been Brewing Forever and A Day

Gilbert Melendez was the Strikeforce lightweight champion at the same time Eddie Alvarez held the Bellator lightweight belt. These two guys have been trying to fight each other for a long long time. Now at UFC 188, they finally get their opportunity to face off on the biggest stage, in one of the biggest cards on 2015.

In a fight that was expected to happen much sooner, both men have been talking about one another for many years. However, during the time they dominated in their respective promotions. Neither could seem to get things together to make the fights happen. But now with both men competing in the UFC. The time for two of the very best in the world at 155 lbs will finally take place.

Inside Their Training Camps

We travel to El Nino training centre to see how Gilbert’s preparations are going for his upcoming fight. And it’s a fight he has been calling for, for many years. Something which Alvarez took as somewhat of an insult, as he believed Melendes was simply looking to make a name off his headlines. But Gilbert is adamant he made the callouts out of respect, to find out who is the best lightweight in the world.

Meanwhile, Eddie Alvarez is busy preparing for a guy he has been looking to face for several years. And now that he has the opportunity, Alvarez wants to make sure that Gilbert is sorry he ever asked for the fight! And only once the pair finally face-off will we know who is the top dog. We go inside their training camps as these two warriors look to make it a fight to remember.

It all goes down this weekend at UFC 188 from Mexico City, alongside the main event of Velasquez vs Werdum. Make sure to tune in to find out who is the best on the planet in their respective weight classes.

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