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Mayweather vs McGregor Vlog Episode 6

Shinobi vlog is back as we follow Team McGregor on a normal during their camp in Las Vegas. The Team including coach Kavanagh, Artem Lobov and Frans Mlambo are getting in some light grappling at the UFC High-Performance centre. Coach Roddy is doing some physical therapy in the sauna, as the team feel the strain.

Forest Griffin shows up again and we are starting to think he stalks the room and hallways of the UFC centre. Cut to some nice camera work from Colin who is doing a late-night time-lapse overlooking the Vegas strip.

Back in the gym with the lightweight champion Conor McGregor is filming a commercial for Beats. Also starring as an extra is striking coach¬†Owen Roddy, who thinks he may just have a future in film if he plays his cards right ūüôā

Wimp to Warrior

Then it’s off to Syndicate MMA for a US¬†Wimp to Warrior class, with special guest coach John Kavanagh. The lads are having some major issues with their in-car aircon. And coach Roddy is feeling the pinch, always getting stuck in the middle by his fellow teammates. Nutritionist George Lockhart is also onsite and presumably working with the team for the upcoming big fight.

Cut back to the UFC gym where coach Roddy is doing some mits, presumably with Conor. But as per usual, we are getting very little footage of him. Keeping it all for himself it seems.

Greens and proteins who at this stage should be paying Shinobi vlog for all the coverage they get. John Kavanagh is having a thumb comp? No idea, but basically thumb on thumb against one of his guys. Lovin the food close up at the end, wouldn’t be a Shinobi vlog without it.

Shinobi Vlog captures the normal everyday activity of Team McGregor. As he gets ready to shock the world and beat Floyd Mayweather in a boxing match August 26th in Las Vegas.

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