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McGregor vs Mayweather Big Brown Press Tour Breakdown – Episode 33

McGregor vs Mayweather Press Tour: Big Brown Breakdown – Episode 33

Former heavyweight UFC fighter turned broadcasting personality, Brendan Schaub. Is finally back from the hectic McGregor vs Mayweather World Press Tour. And shares his stories from behind the scenes from Day 1, right through to Day 4.

He goes into detail about his initial meeting with fellow commentator Paulie Malignaggi. Someone he wasn’t sure about whether he would be like a Jersey shore throw away or just have a shitty personality! But as soon as the guys met, they immediately hit it off. It was a “Bromance” says Schaub. You could tell, as the guys had great chemistry while working together, which made for some great analysis.

He talks in detail about microphone gate. And says that it wasn’t, in fact, Showtime who shut down McGregor’s mic. But rather a tech guy which messed things up.  However, saying that it was the spark that fired up Conor to go full-on. Tearing the most powerful man on the stage, Showtime CEO Stephen Espinoza, a new one in the process.

Schaub also spills the beans on what exactly happened in regards to Ariel Helwani. As we know Aiel was due to work on the event. But was summarily removed following a request made personally by the UFC President Dana White. It was something Brendan could do nothing about. It’s not his fight and as he said, he is not too sure why exactly Dana is so pissed with Helwani.

All of this and much more, as the super tired Big Brown hit us with his Mayweather vs McGregor Breakdown. His overall thoughts on how the Tour went. The performance of both men in the back and forth verbal assault. And how McGregor truly lived up to his billing. After a somewhat lacklustre beginning when the Tour first started in LA.

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