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We go inside the Mayweather vs McGregor camp

We follow Shiobi vlog and go behind the scenes of the Team McGregor camp. As the guys prepare their fighter to go into battle against Floyd Mayweather. We are brought through the daily routine for the guys and see what it takes to prepare an elite level athlete for the biggest fight around.

Conor McGregor makes an appearance as is sparring partner and entourage hang around and chat after yet another intense training session. Coach Owen Roddy is also busy getting his own vlog down, with the two vloggers competing for air time. Coach John Kavanagh is also in the house. And with his new haircut has taken years off.

Support of the Team

It’s cool to see what the team behind the man get up to during their day. For without the team and support for their fighter, things could be very different. So it’s always important to have a solid crew of people around. Especially as you approach the most important fight of your life.

Once Team McGregor has cleaned up the pigsty that is their dwelling. The man from Reebok, via Blarney in Cork Ireland? To deliver the lads new free kit. Shinobi, aka Colin, takes great pleasure in showing us the lovely freebies he has received care of the UFC.

The day is rounded off with the Russian hammer, Artem Lobov and company. Getting in a late-night roll on the UFC gym mats in LA. You can tell that there is a positive vibe amongst the team as Conor McGregor gets ready to shock the World.

What will happen come August 26th? Can he, in fact, do it and cause of the greatest upsets in sports history From a complete underdog in boxing to beating the very best in the World in Floyd Mayweather. Watch this space.

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