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McGregor Vs Floyd Mayweather ● Stare Down Breakdown ● London, New York, Toronto

Mayweather vs McGregor staredown analysis

The eyes are the windows to the soul. Thank you for joining me on the sequel as we break down this intense clash of kings starting with the window itself.

Before I start this, I will say I am incredibly thankful to Conor McGregor. As this channel would not have grown as fast as it has without him. That is a truth that all of you realise as well. He is a genuine source of inspiration for me, but the downside to that is. I appear biased towards Floyd Mayweather, even though I always do try my best to be objective. Know this.

As much inspiration as I may draw from Conor, as much gratitude I do have for him for helping in the growth of my channel. Whilst being empowered myself acknowledging the odds he’s consistently overcome. It doesn’t mean I dislike Floyd.

I hold zero ill will towards Floyd. I acknowledge the hurdles he’s overcome as well especially as a black man. In a part of the world where they are 10 percent of the population yet are half of all incarcerations. With more than enough evidence video documented to reinforce the consensus that many of which are unjust.

Floyd Mayweather the Man..

He is a man, who took his passion and used the hatred that was always projected his way. Turning it on its head like an alchemist. Embracing that energy, with a skin as tough as stone. Fanned the fire of hatred that was always already there.

And rose as a king living a life most dream of. Floyd is not perfect, Conor’s not perfect, but I believe that is part of why they are so remarkable. And it’s why I can acknowledge both of these incredible athletes and their accomplishments. And I believe it is a privilege watching this clash between two titans of the fight world, as they both make history.

Side note, if you think Conor’s actually racist, that’s ridiculous… The way he talks to Floyd is business, and Floyd is doing the exact same thing for business. They hold mutual respect for each other. Knowing that before them is an opportunity to further ensure they and their families can eat however they want going forward… Let’s begin the breakdown.

The Toronto Head to Head

I’m not going to go too deep into Toronto because Conor blatantly destroyed Floyd… Floyd did look a little disheartened by the end of it. But really, the toughness of Floyd’s skin, still able to remain calm, keep composure after getting slaughtered that hard. Is why he’s earned fifteen world titles. The man is virtually unphased by pressure, calm and ready to business inside and outside the arena.

New York is a Little More Interesting

Floyd and Conor are both ice cold, both possessing the emperors calm. It’s actually quite incredible how much is at stake. The amount of genuine animosity between them, the weight of the event… Just how fast the average boxer let alone person would shatter in these conditions. Yet both of these men, absolute ice. But something interesting happens. The moment Conor takes off his glasses whilst holding eye contact, it triggers Floyds.

It’s different from when Conor broke into Capoeira and attempted to force chinks in Floyd’s armour. This is Floyd being triggered by the eye contact after the glasses were removed. Just the uncharacteristic nature of it in proportion to how he’s been throughout the rest of the staredown. For a moment, that one little move under the pressure of the event entered Floyd’s head and he breaks characters.

The Final Staredown is What’s Interesting Though

Before it, Floyd got his goons to surround Conor, and I don’t know if it was the heat, or if something about it triggered Conor. He started perspiring and the tone of his voice changed. As if there was a spike in his blood pressure. An increase of cortisol, stress hormone.

And for the first time ever on stage, there was a glint of real weakness in Conor. Maybe it was a trigger from his childhood, the reason he started fighting. The fact where he was from was a dangerous and hostile environment. People would try to gang up and jump him and such and in the flash of a moment.

Floyd shouting “Voltron power rangers” Conor was triggered by a world he had escaped. Maybe it had nothing to do with that. But with certainty, when he attempted to speak, his voice didn’t have the same authority. That Emperor tier ice in his command.

And during the stare down Conor looked more uncomfortable. Breaking eye contact notably from the pressure. Regardless though, similarly to Floyd did in Toronto, Conor held a strong composure in that circumstance many would be eviscerated by…”

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