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McGregor v Mayweather: Georges St-Pierre Making Freakishly Accurate McGregor Fights Predictions!

Mcgregor v Mayweather: GSP Predicts Mcgregor Fights EXACTLY!

The former UFC welterweight Champion GSP, Georges St Pierre. Predicting how each of Conor McGregor’s fights would play out inside the octagon. Now Georges is obviously a smart guy. He’s one of those fighters who doesn’t just hold a great IQ inside the octagon, but also outside. And it is no doubt one of the main reasons for his success in the sport.

Well, he has been making fight predictions throughout the McGregor era. And some bright spark was savvy enough to put at least some of them together for our viewing. Here he is alongside coach Firas Zahabi making predictions for Nate Diaz rematch. In which GSP says that Conor will win if he prepares for the worst day of his life! It was perhaps his toughest test to date and he did emerge the victor.

Again Georges calls the Eddie Alvarez fight. Where he details how Eddie will try to knock Conor out. But that McGregor’s accurate counter-punching will be enough to get the win and become the UFC lightweight champion.

Eddie Alvarez is interviewed after the fight and explains how it was not his intention to stand with Mcgregor. He explains how it was not the game plan to go into the fight and do what he did. And as a result, he paid for his mistake.

McGregor vs Mayweather

St Pierre then talks about the Floyd Mayweather fight, saying that he believes that it will happen. He says that while Floyd would never fight McG in MMA. He can see Conor facing Floyd in his World. But, he does not see him winning at all.

Going into some more detail, GSP says that he is pretty sure that Conor will lose if it ever happens. The odds are not in his favour, but if he manages to survive. It could be a win for him. As after he will start talking about Floyd stepping into his World.

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