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McGregor vs Mayweather UNSEEN!! World Tour Vlog Footage

Mayweather vs McGregor World Tour Footage

You may think you have seen every single second of footage from the Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather World Tour. Well, at least that’s the way I feel! But right at this moment in time as this piece goes to press. Only 183 people have viewed this excellent behind the scenes work by Colin Byrne #rafter. Always doing excellent work, we knew we had to get this to air and for a much bigger audience to take a gander (that means to take a look, for all the non-Irish lingo friendly souls out there).

So we go on a journey and behind the scene with Team McGregor. On the World Tour that for now at least, has to be the most memorable in terms of combat sports in living memory. But you be the judge of that.

From the lads arriving in NYC, then on to the first stop on the whirlwind World Tour. Starting in the Staples centre Los Angeles. The crew quickly moves on to Toronto, where thousands of Irish diaspora have taken over the Budweiser stage Arena. Patiently, maybe not, waiting for the arrival of The Notorious One.

The lads quickly move on to the Big Apple and leg three of the four-stop tour. Where Artem Lobov decides he shouldn’t sit in a rather expensive Louis Vuitton chair, just in case it breaks and he has to shell out. Meanwhile, Conor is wandering around the shop with no top on, as you do.

A quick look at what took place in the Barclays arena as Conor takes to the stage. Followed by the press conference in which he eludes to what he will do come August 26th in Las Vegas.

McGregor and Mayweather Back to London

Soon enough the guys are back in the air and off across the big blue. Next stop London city for the fourth and final leg in May.. sorry. McGregor vs Mayweather World tour. The last time Floyd and Conor will see each other face to face before the weigh-in August 25th.

The whole deal signed sealed delivered with some footage of Conor at the last Q&A. As he explains what fellow UFC fighters were and have been getting paid. And how he has now changed that dynamic. He briefly talks about where he was just four short years ago. An unknown fighter on the International scene. Now seen as the biggest star in all combat sports. What a ride.

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