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McGregor Knows He Has Only Way to Defeat Floyd Mayweather, Says Jeff Mayweather

Mayweather boxing gym trainer Jeff Mayweather is back giving us his thoughts on the Conor McGregor fight! As one of the personal trainers to Floyd, Jeff has unequalled access and knowledge about his fighter. Having been around Floyd since he was a child, not too many people outside of his own father know him better than Uncle Jeff.

He reckons that Conor McGregor’s pretty much only has one shot at trying to win. And that is to rush in and land a big shot. Talking about the massive gulf in boxing skills. He says that while McGregor is down on the earth. Floyd is somewhere up in the atmosphere!

When drawn on whether Conor can neutralise Floyd for several rounds, he doesn’t seem at all convinced. He talks about how he sees this being a fight similar to the Cotto fight. A rough and tumble boxing match with neither man wanting to lose. Jeff also thinks that both men have so much pride, neither will want to give the fans a bad fight.. Wait a second Jeff. We don’t remember Mayweather vs Pacquiao being all that exciting. Especially after the huge build up. Being marketed as the biggest boxing match of all time.

Regardless, he believes that both fighters will give their all come fight night. But, he believes without question that Floyd will bring his professional record to 50 – 0 inside the ring. Breaking the 49 – 0 record held by Rocky Marciano since 1955. And becoming the most successful professional boxer to have ever lived.

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