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Mayweather vs. McGregor: Toronto World Tour Press Conference

Mayweather vs McGregor Toronto Press Conference Live

Welcome to the second day of the Mayweather vs. McGregor Toronto press conference. Yesterday we saw the first installation in which the two fighters met for the first time. From the get-go, things seemed somewhat odd. With McGregor being left to stand on the main stage in silence while waiting for Floyd to enter the arena. McGregor wasn’t given any entrance music and it seems wasn’t told a whole lot about how the press conference was going to play out.

After some time Floyd entered with all the pageantry of a big boxing match, as his personal TMT track blared around the stadium. Finally, the two came face to face for the first time and McGregor, as expected, began the verbal assault. Floyd, by contrast, was stoic and didn’t say a word. But simply observed McGregor, letting the antics play out in real-time.

Mayweather vs McGregor Toronto

Once we got over the sleep-inducing speeches by the big executives. We moved firstly on to Conor, who was introduced to rapturous applause by UFC President Dana White. Then Floyd by his longtime manager Leonard Ellerbe speaking to the assembled masses. Mcgregor said that he didn’t have a clue what was going on and that how these boxing press conferences are very different from the UFC.

After throwing a few jabs at Floyd who sat quietly behind. McGregor made his now almost traditional prediction. Saying that he would knock Floyd out in under 4 rounds and the crowd loved it!

When it was Floyd’s turn he went after McGregor, saying simply that he is not on his level. McGregor did have some choice words for Floyd, but the sound had been cut from his mic. So we got to hear very little of what he had to say in response to Mayweather.

Things continued in a very choreographed manner, with the show clearly being stacked toward the boxing great. The two fighters squared off for the second time. But in contrast to their first face-off. The pair went at it, letting it all hang out. We are looking forward to the next presser to see what if anything different happens. Watch this space.

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