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UFC, MMA Fighting & Combat Sports Lifestyle

The Madness of the ‘Mayweather versus McGregor World Tour’

Conor Mcgregor Toronto Entrance.

Well, that Was all Sorts of Crazy…

I was lucky enough to secure tickets for the final leg of the presser of the Mayweather v Mcgregor in London,  and couldn’t believe the atmosphere in the SSE Arena on Friday.

For 3 nights leading up to it, I watched every single moment. I wasn’t sure what would happen next or what would be said next; it had me glued. These two men are engrossing, charismatic and 99.9% of the time way over the top. The sheer unknown of what happens next made this special.

Toronto and London, in particular, were amazing events. I think we are witnessing sporting history and iconic moments for years to come. The sight of Mayweather pointing at his foe and McGregor responding with a Bruce Lee style ‘come ahead’ gave me absolute ‘fight-geek chills”

Say what you will about the outcome of the fight, but the buildup has been on point.

“I’m going to knock you out on August 26. You have made a big mistake, for the money. I’m going to destroy your legacy.”

Both men have found each other at the right time, not just from a financial perspective. Mayweather needs this and not just down to his alleged tax woes. This ignites him and makes him relevant again.

For McGregor, this could be the moment he transcends both sports and achieves the unthinkable. His rise to fame is something straight out of a Hollywood movie, from welfare to life changing riches.

He has made it no matter the outcome. McGregor is proof that if you work hard, develop your craft that anything is possible.

But bet against him at your peril.

See you in August Vegas.

Images courtesy of lowkickmma.com & businessinsider.com

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