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It’s Mayweather vs McGregor – All Access: Episode 4

Mayweather vs McGregor – All Access: Episode 4

It’s time for Episode 4 of the Mayweather vs McGregor – All Access series! We have been waiting for this episode, curious to see what both fighters have been up to over the prevailing days. As we build-up to the biggest boxing match of our generation.

We open with Floyd talking about his legacy. And how it’s just about the boxing. For him, it’s all about leaving wealth and businesses for his kids and grandkids to have into the future.

Cut to Conor McGregor how is reeling off all the examples of people saying he doesn’t have a chance. And how it’s at times like that where you must show your metal and prove the world wrong. Conor feels that throughout the build-up, Floyd has been sparring smaller men. Whereas now he is up against a 170 lb Irish gorilla.

Although McGregor has been watching Mayweather having lots of fun on the previous All Access episodes. But, he knows that behind it all he has been putting in the work.

Media Day and Strip Clubs

It’s time for the media day, which is more often than not the expected usual media heads. But today it’s different, as along with the boxing media, we also see the MMA media in attendance. Who are keen to see how the 40-year-old Floyd looks and sounds off. As he works out inside the Mayweather boxing gym.

Later on, Floyd is busy at his strip club, getting some refurbishments done. He wants to ensure the venue looks classy and not trashy like McGregor. It never stops for the Money Team.

Conor McGregor does his own media day workout and tells those in attendance, yet again. That he will stop Floyd Mayweather. That he thrives in these big fights, under the lights and in tough situations. And that Floyd is the guy who will be hoping that his movement stops. But before you know it, it’s going to be too late. And his brain will be shut down.

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