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Mayweather vs McGregor – All Access: Episode 3


Mayweather vs McGregor All Access 3

Time for episode 3 in the Mayweather vs McGregor All Access series. And it’s all systems go as the McGregor camp marches forward. Floyd is busy too, but his time it’s out on the range horse riding? Yes, Mayweather Junior and crew hit the ranch for some downtime with family, friends and some fillies. Once done there it isn’t long before Floyd is off enjoying some dune buggy. The life of a fighter. As Floyd says you have to enjoy life.

Conor is back in the UFC Performance Institute surrounded by those who have been with him since the start. He talks about how important it has been for him maintaining the same group of guys since day one. Trusting yourself and your surroundings. And how he feels that fighters who move town and camp after often running from themselves.

Next up it’s time for the Dogg father Snoop Dogg to drop into the Mayweather boxing gym. And do his podcast onsite with his friend Floyd. Snoop shows us his moves inside the ring. We got to slow that shit down so we can see the greatness in action.

The Monster energy crew join Conor to do what they say is the biggest Monster Energy advert they have ever done. With his amazing rise the superstardom in a few short years. We get to hear from the people who know Conor best, his father and mother. His father talks about how even to this day he still cannot believe how this world-class athlete was born out of this normal kid.

Finally, the last piece of the McGregor puzzle arrives. As Ido Portal touches down to do what he does. And implement his unusual movement training with the team.

McGregor’s approach may seem unconventional, but that is exactly the advantage he seeks in this unprecedented bout

Floyd has a very special visitor to the gym in 10-year-old Taylor Hammond. A young boy who is fighting leukaemia, who always wanted to meet Floyd Mayweather.

Back in the UFC Institute and Paulie Malignaggi arrives back for some off-camera sparring. With the top UFC brass watching on. And the rest, as they say, is history.

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