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Mayweather vs McGregor – All Access: Episode 2

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Mayweather vs McGregor – All Access Episode 2

The second episode of the Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor – All Access Episode 2 with Showtime Sports. In typical Floyd style, one of the first things he feels he needs to do is show his money. “I’m far from hurtin”.
Cut to Las Vegas and the current home of Conor McGregor as he prepares to face one of the greatest boxers of all time.

McGregor is based out of the UFC Performance Institute in Vegas. Where he and his entire team have camped out as they look to shock the world on August 26th. We get to see some footage of Conor hitting the mitts along with his striking coach Owen Roddy.

Conor explains how when he is told by someone that he cannot do something. That this is the time when you must do it. And he is still firmly of the belief that he will indeed stop the boxer inside 4 rounds of boxing.

Meanwhile,  Floyd Mayweather is deep in thought during a hot yoga session. Floyd talks about how he needs to live a stress-free life. And right now he is under a lot of stress for the fight. So by him doing things such as yoga, it’s his way to release some of that stress from his body.

Mayweather the Businessman

Even though Floyd is being told by some that he is n longer the greatest fighter in boxing anymore. He still believes he’s the best businessman. We get to look inside the Mayweather owned Girl Collection club. The gentleman’s club owned by the former multiple-time World Champion. In another side of the business world, Mayweather hopes to conquer.

Back at the UFC Performace Institute Conor  McGregor has invited boxing referee Joe Cortez into the camp. As the Irishman wants to make absolutely sure that come fight night. He is not caught out by any unforeseen rule or problem.

Then, it’s time to show us where McGregor has come from back in Ireland. And his previous experience inside the boxing ring back in Crumlin in Dublin. And Conor’s first boxing coach, Philip Sutcliffe. Who tells us about both his gym and the young lad that was Conor McGregor. And the life he led before becoming a World famous superstar.

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