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How We Got Here: Mayweather-McGregor Timeline

Mayweather vs McGregor And How We Got Here

Floyd Mayweather will face off against Conor McGregor on August 26th. But how did we end up in this situation where one of the best p4p boxers of all time. Ends up facing a guy who has never boxed professionally? In some people’s minds, especially his own, Floyd is TBE. So for a fighter to come into his realm and challenge him in his area of expertise. With 21 years under his multiple belts doing something he loves?

Well, we know now who that guy is. Even for many people who never watched a Mixed Martial Arts fight. They would probably have heard of this McGregor character. Larger than life and taking the sport of MMA by storm. He has broken almost every record set in the sport in just a few short years.

Now McGregor crosses over into boxing to see if he can do the same. As he takes on Money Mayweather in a fight that not many boxing purists are giving the Irishman. Sure if Mayweather was to come into Conor’s World the same would apply. But McGregor is stoic in his mindset and truly believes that he will have his hand raised for his first-ever professional fight.

The Biggest Upset in Sports History?

If he was to beat Floyd, it could very well go down as the biggest upset in combat sports history. Perhaps even all of sports history. Or at least that is the way it may seem at the time. With fans of both sports hoping their guy proves the other wrong. And shows the World who truly is the greatest fighter on the planet right now.

It’s a fight which even the naysayers may begrudgingly watch come fight night. For now, let us take a look at the key dates in both fighters’ careers that led to their Aug. 26 bout.

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